Atonement EP

by Avenge The Sin

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The "Atonement EP" is a concept EP that tells a story about the death and rebirth of an entity born of pure malice and disdain; malevolence incarnate if you will, as it grows ever more disgusted with humankind. This EP follows the sinister protagonist from birth to rise; it's consciousness during death, it's awakening (along with many other dark entities) through humanity's own stupidity, It's rise to power and it's final fit of rage.

We hope that you enjoy listening this EP as much as we enjoyed creating it!


released December 1, 2016

Avenge the Sin is:
Tyson Beable - Vocals
Jake Nelis - Guitar
Quin Sandry - Guitar
David Finlay - Bass
Scott Ward - Drums

Engineered, Edited, Mixed & Mastered by Jake Nelis at Archon Audio.



all rights reserved


Avenge The Sin Australia

Cairns City Deathcore, Australia.

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Track Name: False Awakening
Exiled from the material world,
Thrown unto the twilight,
A world of mirrors,
Reflecting your very being,
Bouncing darkness from surface to surface,
Incomprehensible isolation,
In a world of nothing,

Fear grips your empty shell,
As you drown in your own apprehension,

You feel everything;
Yet you feel nothing at all,
An apparition immune to all but silence;

Staring into the void of your withering subconscious,
Face to face with your broken soul,
Panes of forgotten memories crashing around you,
Casting shards of despair into this windowless nightmare,

Dig your own grave,
You’re nothing but a fucking slave,
Shackled in your own mind,
Locked inside a mental cage,

Wake up,

Fear grips your empty shell,
As you drown in your own apprehension,
Despondency pulls you deeper into darkness,
Reality becomes nothing but a myth,

“Will I ever see the light again?
Will I ever feel the warmth of life again?
Will this ever end?
Will I ever truly awaken?”

Lost inside, lost forever; a vacant husk,
Distorted perceptions wrenching you from answers,

Wake up,
Wake up,

"Will I ever truly awaken?”

Crossed by disparity,
The voices screaming infamy,
You’ll never be released;
Forever bound to live in misery.
Track Name: Enchiridion of the Deceased
Trapped we remain locked inside these pages,
These words out loud you must read,
Unleash us onto this negligible world,
So our race can live once more,

These words have become the poem to your end,

These words have become the poem to your end,
Read them out one by one, so I can live again,

The very flesh and bone you abuse day by day,
Will become my attire of choice,
And as my cold shrill whispers become more clear,
You will find your expropriation has begun,
There’s no escape from me,
I am in control,
Don't try to run,
Let yourself go!

One by one we'll take your soul,
Let this darkness that tints your world,
Consume you all; swallow you whole,
Feel deaths hands grasp around your feet,
As it pulls you into the very pits of hell,
Leaving me in control (Leaving me in control),
Leaving me,
In control,

You have brought about the end of humanity,
By freeing us from this enchiridion of the deceased,
And through manipulation and control,
You will be tormented and extinguished,
You think this is hell?
You haven't seen a fucking thing,
You think this is hell? (You think this is hell?!)
You haven't seen a fucking thing!


Dead by dawn,
One by one you will fall,
Dead by dawn,
Out of hell we will crawl, x2

And as the sun rises upon this desolate place,
The stench of death is all you'll smell,
And your bodies will remain,
As your soul is raped in hell!
Track Name: Enthronement of a Tyrant (feat. Simon Kuiper)
Violence consumes all that you know,

(Simon & Tyson)
In a world of a suffering kind,
We shall remain til' the end of time,

All doomed with nowhere to go,
Consumed by the flames of burning homes,
All doomed with nowhere to hide,
The laws of death all shall abide,

(Simon & Tyson)
Fire reigns from these blackened skies,
Breaking the silence, bringing fearful cries,

You shall learn to bow,
Or you will be slain,
The time has come,
Where all will fear my name,

All will fear my name,
Commence the suffering,

As hate spreads throughout this land,
I have set in motion my master plan,
Upon the horizon it's clear,
Eradication of the masses is near,

You try to hide, delaying your fate,
A mass grave is what I shall create,
You cannot hide, for death is your fate,
I will show you my unleashed hate,

Send your armies,
They'll just fall to ash,
Reprisal is impotent,
There is no final stand,
Portray your cowardice to the very last shard of bone,
The curtain rises; this is hell on earth,

Bow down or be slain,
All will fear my name,

Commence the suffering.
Track Name: Apostle of Destruction
I am the messiah of damnation,
Though unbeknownst to all,
I tear apart this paradigm,
Deconstructing these fabricated standards,
Replacing them with ruination,

The darkness emanating from your heart,
And the moral decay on society’s part,
Fuel the divine wrath wrought upon
The wandering souls on this hunk of rock,
The war, the death, you know too well,
Pales in comparison to the hell,
Soon to engulf the known world,

The destruction of the outer shell,
Warrants the entities that plague your dreams,
To rip apart these fraying seams,
Salvation is lost,
Dissipated by the burnt crimson skies,
Suspending the progression of animation,

Your condemnation is inevitable,
My very breath decays,
The flesh that is your mortal coil,
This stagnation betrays,
To the world,
My now known presence;
A convolution of utter repression,
Crashing down; a constant suppression,
The final moments of a dying existence,
Shepherding the herd to a final denouement,

I am the Apostle of your destruction (your destruction),
I am the sin that’s brought you to this,
(I am the Apostle of your destruction),
(I am the sin that’s brought you to this),

As I indulge gluttonously,
On the fear that fuels your hate,
Your damnation has long been sealed,
You will perish in the arms of ignorance,

There will be no reprieve,
Only sorrow and castigation,
Cast upon thy greed fuelled race,
Retribution; your sole liberation,

On these walls I scrawl;
The verses guide the masses,
To an anguish felt eternal,
In the fires of your demise,

I am the Apostle of your destruction (your destruction),
I am the sin that’s brought you to this,
I am the Apostle of your destruction,
I am the sin that’s brought you to this.